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About us

We are a small family company that cultivates greek aromatic herbs

for three generations. We are located in a small village called

Vrinena and  grow our herbs in the mountain tops of Othris,

the mountain of the Titans according greek mythology. We cultivate

our herbs in their natural habitat in altitude of 500-1200 meters.

It all started back in 1965, when Mr. Christos Mylonas and his wife

Mrs. Efrosini were collecting the wild growing mountain tea.

The mountain tea was sold in the local market and in some small

shops in Athens.The big demand for the tea forced them to start

cultivate the mountain tea and other herbs like oregano,

peppermint, sage etc.

Nowadays, after almost 50 years we still cultivate with the same

traditional methods our herbs in their natural habitat and we

produce the finets quality products for your needs!!!

tea grandma.jpg

Mr. Christos  & Mrs. Efrosini 

our grandparents and beginners.

mount Othris.JPG

Othrys the legendary mountain of the Titans.

Greek mountain tea harvest 1980.jpg

Greek Mountain Tea harvest back on 80s.

Vrinena village.JPG

Vrinena our beautiful village.

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